Back Protectors

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    6 products

    Falling down is a part of everyone's ski and snowboard experience, in fact, this can be one of the most fun aspects of learning to ski or snowboard. Just like protecting the head during sports is highly important, so is protecting the spine and back.

    Back protectors help protect the upper body from injury in case of a fall. The fall impact is spread over the entire area of the protector and dampens the force. This helps to stabilize the spinal cord and prevent serious injury. Furthermore, because the back protector has a hard surface, it doesn’t allow pointy objects such as rocks, sticks or branches to penetrate it.

    For children who are learning, you want to make sure that they have the ability to fall without the fear of a life-threatening injury. By providing them with a helmet and back protector, you give them the tools to learn and be successful while also being safe.