27 products

    27 products

    If there’s one thing that’s an absolute must-have for infants, babies and toddlers and little kids when it comes to ensuring they’re protected, safe and cosy in winter, it’s kids winter snow and ski suits!

    Head to toe warmth in these all-in-one winter suits will keep little ones comfortable, warm and snug. Waterproof yet breathable fabric that feature beautiful and stylish designs from Reima and Kilpi. Durable and trendy, feel free to share the love and hand these down to younger family members or friends. Toilet stops or nappy changes are also never a problem with long zips at the front or around the behind, so easy on and easy off!  Add in a few characters and your next family snow trip might even get a bit wild with WeeDo Funwear's amazing Unicorn, Lion, Leopard or Monster Dinosaur ski suits! 

    Baby and little kids snowsuits provide full-body protection and warmth with foot loops to make sure the wet doesn't get into their winter boots during snow play. Cuffed leg ends will also keep the snow out during skiing or snowboarding. What’s more, if you want nothing but the very best for your little shredder grom, we’ve sourced our snow and ski suits from Europe’s finest brands. So, take your pick. You’re sure to love them!