SnowKids Safety Bookman Kids Snow Safety Loop Light - Sunset Pink

Bookman Kids Snow Safety Loop Light - Sunset Pink

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All purpose and versatile wearable loop lights to make sure that your kids and teens stay visible in low light or whiteout conditions. Bookman Light is a slim, high quality light set with an elastic pull that makes it easy to attach to loops and tags on kids ski jackets as well as bikes! It is surprisingly bright despite its size and has an oversized button that makes them easy to turn on and off, even with gloves. Versatile to be used off mountain too and on bikes especially as the front light attaches to the handlebar and the rear light goes on the saddle pole. Bookman Light is weather resistant and non rechargeable.

Slow flashing
Fast flashing
Steady light

Package content
1 front light (white led)
1 rear light (red led)

2 x CR2032 (in each)
To change the batteries, loosen the screws
on the bottom.