Moon Boot-SnowKids

Moon Boot


    Some moments change history and become legend

    Giancarlo Zanatta, a young bootmaker and enterpreneur from Montebelluna, Italy, is visiting New York City and watches the lunar landing live along with the rest of the world. Moved by the moment and inspired by the peculiar shape and technology of the astronauts boots he sketches what will become one of the greatest success of footwear industry and on his return to Italy he, and his team, design and develop the Original Moon Boot.

    Moon Boots was launched in 1969 in the small town of Giavera del Montello in Italy’s Treviso province, creating fashion footwear that was not only avant garde but inspiring. Moon Boots children footwear feature a thick rubber outsole and a waterproof rubber insole and is not only practical, it’s warm and snug too!

    Parents love how easy these boots are to slip on and off and kids will love Moon Boots’ trendy designs. The success of the iconic Classic Boot saw the arrival of Moon Boot Jr which feature more modern, versatile après-ski designs that are still comfortable and stylish. The perfect winter line for the mountain and the city, entirely made of waterproof materials making them suitable for wear on the slopes and around town.