teenager in colourful snow gear wearing a ski helmet and goggles carrying skis

Big Kids 8-14

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    If you can't beat them, join them. Teenagers embody strength and vitality. They know how to catch fun when they want to, carving out the perfect line on every family ski adventure.

    Whether you are new to skiing or a seasoned black run teenager, we have got the perfect set of youth snow gear to get you back on those powder slopes this year. Teen and youth thermal baselayers and midlayer down-look jackets, as well as snowboard jackets and pants for teens will see you through this snow season with fresh new snow gear that won't break the bank!

    With trendy youth aesthetics and eco conscious teen ski gear from established European brands like 2117 of Sweden, Reima and Rehall, you don't have to compromise as you rip through the pow. Come take a look and shop our annual pre season sale, mid season sale, end of season sale!