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    Reima is for the joy of movement.

    For the moments that make a difference and all the exciting challenges outdoors and in. Reima is for an active childhood that matters – for unleashing that joy of movement that will stick with them for life.

    Whatever the experience or the weather, Reima is ready for any adventure.

    Since 1944, this enduring Finnish label has helped parents and kids get moving. Innovative in design and environmentally conscious, Reima has been at the forefront of ethical and sustainable clothing practices.

    Everything Reima designs is non-toxic and child-safe, from attention to functional details to materials used. The value of Reima products proves itself in everyday life, as their lifecycle lasts from one child to another. They are easy to wash and durable – saving energy, water and detergent.

    Reima is dedicated to all the kids in the world and inspired both by children and the pure joy of movement.