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    WeeDo Funwear - Fun to Wear
    The woman behind Weedo is Antje. Antje is a mother, tailor, designer, manager and creator; this is how she comes to slip in and out of various roles. One could say, that her whole life revolves around fantasy and transformation - paired with lightheartedness, fun and fortune.

    Antje came upon the idea as she observed children in costume playing outdoors; as good ideas are only exceptional when they are realised, she went about putting hers into practice as only Antje could. She added enthusiasm, fantasy, imagination, competence and her desire for high quality into the mix. Recycled plastic, breathable PFC-free lining, shining reflectors and years of fashion experience make up the rest of the magic.

    Colourful, confident, and considered down to the smallest detail - with countless features like the “Grow System” on the arms and legs, which allows you to progressively adjust sizing; extending the lifecycle of the outfit. Our wacky hoods are also compatible with safety helmets and we have built in a practical bathroom function - making it easy to undress. Weedo Funwear is celebrated by both children and adults, by safely and responsibly bringing a child’s imagination to life.

    Furthermore, we make the environment happy too! All WeeDo products are manufactured in factories that use solar energy or hydropower. The fabrics, used in each individual overall, are made from recycled PET bottles and bottles obtained from overproduction - which in turn come from manufacturers in water treatment plants, with fair working conditions to BSCI standards.

    All materials are bluesign-approved and our sustainability pledge is maintained when it comes to packaging and shipping. Our snowsuits are packed into compostable plastic bags made from corn starch. The polybags are made of lactic acid and are thus compostable within months.