snowkids main logo banner with kids in snow gear and skis smiling and looking happy

A brand created by a snow family for families who love the snow.

As a Mum, I wanted my kids to have a blast while they were on the snow and part of the experience was kitting my kids out in the most adorable gear. What's cuter than a bub in a bunny suit at the snow, all wrapped up and snug! As I searched high and low for super cute outfits, I realised I couldn't find one that didn't cost an arm and a leg that I was confident would keep my children warm the way I needed them to be kept warm.

And as they got a bit older, bolder and more confident on the slopes, I found I couldn't recognise them from all the other self-assured little things skittling around the slopes because they all looked the same in the same colours and the same gear! So I looked elsewhere and I'm happy to bring these brands to you in Australia and New Zealand!

We've brought reputable and well-established European and American brands to Australia and New Zealand so your kids get to enjoy their rides kitted out in awesome gear that they will love and be comfortable in. An added bonus? You get to recognise your very own superstars coming down the slopes!

Our curated collections feature apparel that work the way they are meant to. So you can fret less about researching waterproof and breathability specifications or worrying about your kids being cold, and start enjoying your own snow holiday. Finally!

xx Krystel 
Mum to 2 wonderful noisy little humans full of life and joy
"Enjoy the little things...

... for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.”

~ Robert Brault