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10 Affordable Outdoor Activities With Kids And Teens At The Snow

Going to the snow isn’t always about skiing or snowboarding. Make the most of your family snow holiday by trying some of these inexpensive outdoor activities with kids. Side note: if you’re holidaying at a resort, it’s always best to check resort rules before engaging in some of the following activities. 


Snow Creatures

It can be hard work pushing snow together to make a snowman, so why not make snow creatures instead by carving into the snow? Snakes, bugs, creatures from the deep! 


Practice your Aim

When people think of snowballs, they usually think SNOWBALL FIGHT! Make it a bit more challenging by hanging up a dart or archery board from a tree branch and let the kids go wild trying to get a bullseye. Any game that involves taking out the trash is a high stakes game.


Hula Hooping

Think it’s hard to hula hoop in the summer in a t-shirt and shorts? Try it when you’re all bundled up! 


Snow Castles

Just like a day at the beach, grab shovels and buckets to build your own snow castle! 


Frozen Bubbles

Blowing and popping bubbles is pretty fun in the summer, but have you tried blowing soap bubbles while at the snow? When the temperature hits -0 °C bubbles will freeze!


Bird Feeder

Observe some alpine bird activity by making a bird feeder to attract them. All you need is an orange, some bird seed and a long piece of string.

Step 1. Slice the top off and orange and hollow out.
Step 2. Poke 4 holes evenly around the orange halfway down.
Step 3. Insert 2 twigs into the holes, crossing them over to strengthen and secure the orange.
Step 4. Tie the piece of string to the twig corners.
Step 5. Fill the empty orange with bird seed and hang it in the tree
Step 6. Sit back, relax and observe the wonderful alpine birds  

If you’re lucky enough to take some happy snaps of the birds, you can send them along to local wildlife groups for tracking too.


Snow Art

Put friendly food colouring and water into water spray bottles and let the kids release their inner artists on a powdery white canvas.



Grab sticks, pine cones or other things found in nature for game pieces. Draw a nine square game board in the snow and enjoy an afternoon of fun going head to head in this classic game. 


Mini Golf

One of the most family friendly outdoor activities with kids! Grab some empty tin cans and your favourite putter for this fun activity. Pack down sections of snow a metre apart. Bury the tin cans halfway down in the snow to create holes and mark them with flagstick made from coloured paper and twigs. 


Pin the button on the snowman

Build a snowman. Using biscuits, blindfolded, spin around 3 times and try to find where the buttons go on the snowman. Chances are with the amount of laughing you might not even make it to the snowperson!


There are so many inexpensive outdoor activities to be had with your kids and family in the snow with your family and friends. You are only limited by your imagination!


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