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Take that Family Ski Holiday Now!

Whether you grew up as a ski bunny or if this is your very first time hitting the slopes, taking young kids on that first family ski holiday can give any parent a bit of anxiety. You may be wondering about what you need to pack, how you can prepare the kids for the cold and how to make sure they have fun. Most importantly, you want your family to come away from the trip with a positive experience and wanting to do it all again.


Ski School

Skiing is a wonderful winter activity. There is nothing like hitting those slopes, skiing across tiny diamonds when the sun hits the snow and ending the day relaxing with a hot chocolate by the fireplace. Introducing children to skiing when they’re still little is a great idea. Any adult who has started skiing as an adult will always tell you that they wish they would have learned when they were younger and perhaps more fearless. Did you know that kids can start ski lessons as young as 3 years old? Many resorts have wonderful ski school programs for this age group that not only get them comfortable on a set of skis but also incorporate fun snow play with lots of awesome hot chocolate breaks!


Outdoor Activities with Kids

When choosing a resort for your family ski holiday, do a bit of research into the general resort amenities too. While some kids hit the slopes and love it so much they don’t want to stop, you may have a child who would prefer to ski in small doses. You’ll want to make sure there are other activities available for them. Check out our SnowPow article on cheap outdoor activities with kids for some suggestions.


Kids Ski Clothes

Speaking of packing, don’t forget to pack the right kids ski clothes. You want to make sure that your little ones are comfortable so that they can focus on enjoying the experience rather than being uncomfortable, cold, freeeezzziinnngggg or too hot (yes, this happens!). 

Layer them up in moisture wicking thermal ski clothing and ensure that the outer layers are waterproof. Choose bright colors so that you can easily spot them coming down the slopes. When out and about the village, make sure they have proper beanies, gloves as well as a neck warmer or scarf to help keep the chill away. These are essentials to think about when choosing kids ski clothes.


Kids Ski Equipment

Having your own ski equipment does mean you can hit the snow faster but if it’s your first family ski holiday, you may want to consider renting ski equipment. If your family decide they love it and you see yourselves visiting the slopes often, then you may want to invest in some equipment of your own. It can take quite a bit of time to rent ski equipment for everyone so allocate enough time for this to avoid rushing on your first ski day.


Remember that the most important part of your family ski holiday is having fun and making a lifetime of memories with your family. Your kids’ first-time skiing may not go the way you want it to — but at least they are protected and snug in their ski clothes. Don’t give up though! Sometimes it takes a bit for young children to warm up to it (like swimming for some!). Soon the fear dissipates and then the fun starts to take over!


Here’s to the best family ski holiday!

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