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10 Reasons Why Your Kids are Going to Love Snowsports More Than Fortnite

Turn off the TV and take your kids to the snow this winter in Victoria and New South Wales. Whether it's skiing, snowboarding, or tobogganing, kids love snowsports and snow play as much as adults do, and for good reason. Here are 10 health benefits of snowsports for children. 


#1. Improved Endurance

Increased activity gets the muscles moving, which makes it easier to move properly. As the body adapts to all the exertion associated with snowsports, your kids' endurance levels will skyrocket! 

#2. New Friends

Snowsports are a great way for your kids to make new friends. Some children are experienced in the snow, but others are complete rookies. Regardless, your children will love both the fitness and social elements of snowsports. 

#3. More Vitamin D

"But there's no sun!" you say. Not quite. The temperature might be cool, but there's likely to still be plenty of sunlight, wherever you are in Australia, which provides your kids' with a much-needed vitamin D top-up. They won't get that from playing video games inside! 

#4. Improved Well-Being

Research shows that regular exercise improves well-being and releases endorphins — the body's feel-good chemical. This can leave your little ones in a much better mood, which is good for them (and you).

#5. Better Coordination

Snowsports promote better coordination because it targets all the joints and muscles in the body. It's like a full-body workout that kids will love.

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 #6. Recreational or competitive, you choose!

Snowsports can have a competitive element, but it doesn't always have to be this way. You can make snowsports more of a recreational pastime, or encourage your children to compete in games with other people their age. It's entirely up to you.

#7. Cardiovascular Health

Snowsports promote better cardiovascular health, which is always a good thing — at any age. The science? As the heart beats faster on the snow, more oxygen targets the muscles via the capillaries. 

#8. More Strength and Balance

Snowsports target all the muscle groups and make them stronger. Children who participate in snowsports can improve their core strength, balance, and posture in one fell swoop. 

#9. Strengthens the Knees (and Joints)

As the body twists and turns during snowsports, it strengthens the body's knees and joints. 

#10. Better Flexibility

Snowsports require the body to change directions directly and, over time, it can improve flexibility considerably. 

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