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5 Affordable Fun Things to Do on a Family Snow Holiday

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the sun. We can’t survive without it and it’s always great to have the washing dry so quickly. But what we need sometimes after the heat of Summer down under is a time-out.

In Australia and New Zealand, we are lucky to have snow-capped mountains that offer us the frosty respite we need for a family snow holiday. 

We'll take a look at 5 family snow holiday activities that are fun, relaxing, and unforgettable. 


Get those happy snaps

As much as we adore the greenery of spring and the radiating warmth of summer - there is always something enchanting about the snow. Holidays can be spent in a variety of different places, but a family snow holiday can really diversify your family albums!

Imagine posing against a breathtaking backdrop that is equal parts cold and awe-inspiring! Not to mention the shared family experience in navigating the new snowy environment you find yourselves in. It's certainly not something most of us get to do every day in Australia and New Zealand.


Novel Way to Exercise

Fancy a family holiday with a bit of fitness thrown in? Check out family snow holidays for your next one!

The snow offers a uniquely natural way to keep fit. It’s knee-deep depths and slippery slopes provide the perfect opportunity for a variety of time-cherished snow sports.

Snow based exercises are also ideal for fitness-seeking parents and families looking for an extra challenge. From subtle agility and balance training, the cold dry air is also known to test the stamina. The simple act of trudging through the snow in your boots is warm-up on its own. Add a small incline and now you're talking!

Enjoying a crisp sunset snowy walk or a cross country ski with your family might just be that family memory you return to on a hot summer's day.


Snowplay is for Everyone

Age is but a number and you’re never too old for snowmen, snow women or snow children! Don’t forget snowball fights, snow angels and the like. These snow activities can help train the motor skills of young children while allowing adults to relive their childhood all in the name of snowplay.

Expect loads of fun and comical moments to form the foundation of your family snow holiday. Look forward to plenty of photo opportunities for family memories that will bring out a chuckle or two in years to come.


Tobogganing - an all time favourite

An inexpensive and safer way to navigate snowy hillsides with younger children - a must in any family snow holiday itinerary. Grab a toboggan or a sled from a rental shop or even the quintessential boogie board will do!

Tobogganing is such a fun and safe way to introduce the snow to the little ones, especially if they're not too keen on the cold in the first place. You can read more about other ways to get your kiddos excited for the cold here.

Snow Tubing 

Snow tubing is all sorts of fun for the family. It’s a thrilling way to enjoy the snowy landscape as you swoosh down the slopes in the safety of your tubes or "donuts" - as we'd like to call them.

Most snow tubing rides have a minimum height restriction so don’t forget to ring ahead to find out if everyone can have a ride. Ride as a single or hang on to each other’s donuts for a family ride down!


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