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7 reasons why fleece is great for kids winter wear

The fleece jumper is loved by parents and kids the world over for its warmth and durability. As the Southern Hemisphere gears up for another winter and the outside air is freshening up; why not look to freshen your child’s wardrobe with a few winter essentials? A cosy, affordable kid’s fleece has got to be on that list, read on to find out why. 


  1. Fleece is versatile

A fleece jumper can be worn on its own or as a handy kids midlayer in winter or under ski jackets. It is also durable and does not lose its shape easily.


  1. Fleece keeps you warm

Fleece fabric is known as a two-sided pile fabric, meaning that it is the same on both sides. The long fibres trap air pockets and create a double insulating layer for warmth and comfort. The thicker the pile, the warmer the fleece.


  1. Fleece keeps you dry

Fleece is breathable, so it allows moisture trapped under it spread to the surface and evaporate. This means that kids can stay dry even while being active. Pullovers with a microfleece lining such as these from Rehall and Kilpi are also great kids active wear options without being too bulky.


  1. Fleece is hydrophobic

This means moisture does not tend to soak through the fabric. Instead it sits upon the surface and is easy to wipe away. That doesn’t mean it won’t get wet in a downpour though! The fibres naturally repel water but leave enough water on one spot for long enough and it’ll soak through as it’s not waterproof.


  1. Fleece is machine washable and dries fast
Fleece makes a great option for kids winter clothing because it is machine washable! Cold water is always the go and it can be wrung out easily. Hang it over a chair and wear it the next day.


  1. 10/10 Cuddle factor

We’ve all got a soft spot for something soft and comfortable to touch and kids are no different. Fleece makes great kids winter gear simply because they’ll wear it! Pop it into the tumble dryer on low to keep it fluffy.


  1. Recycled eco fleece

Fleece is made out of polyethylene terephthalate, otherwise known as PET. Yep, the same PET as plastic water bottles. These days, you can get fleece and other synthetic clothing that are made from recycled plastics. Check out these eco kids winter gear from Mini Rodini. Look good while playing your part in sustainability. Too easy!


SnowKids has a curated range of kids winter gear sourced from Europe and available here in Australia and New Zealand.

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